Tea and Coffee

I love coffee, I love tea, I love the Java Jive, and it loves me. Coffee and tea and the Java and me, A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup.

Ben Oakland


Detox Your Body

Detox Your Body, Detox Your Mind Do you ever feel tired, sluggish, worn out? Do you ever feel that you’re dragging yourself through the day like a car without gas? Do you sometimes feel exhausted even though you got enough sleep? Do you ever get upset that you just can’t seem to accomplish the things that need to get done?

If so, maybe your body is trying to tell you that it needs a break. Sometimes, your body is clogged with all kinds of toxins that are slowing you down, and you just need a good body detoxification program to get rid of the junk and regain your vitality.

What is body detoxification (or body detox)? It’s a way to clean out the junk that’s slowing you down and tiring you out. One good way to do a body detoxification is to increase your consumption of fluids such as water, tea, and natural fruit juices. At the same time, you should limit the consumption of fats, sugar and other unhealthy processed foods. You should also engage in relaxation techniques as a way of reducing stress and increasing energy.

The first step is to start drinking more, especially water.

The additional fluids that you consume enable your body to rid itself of waste products that have been building up and slowing you down. A large percentage of the human body is made up of water, therefore water is the logical choice to revitalize a tired body. Natural fruit juices, in moderation, are also helpful, as they provide the body with certain vitamins and minerals.

Tea is also an important beverage to consume. Not only is tea, with its many varieties and flavors, a welcome change from water, tea is also high in antioxidants which have been proven to destroy the free radicals in the body which can cause cancer. Drinking a nice cup of tea also helps a person relax, and relaxation is also an important component of body detoxification.

Another important component of a body detoxification program is to avoid consumption of processed foods, fats and sugars. Try to eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. For example, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains such as brown rice which contains fiber that cleanses your body and B vitamins that reduce stress. These foods, with their many nutrients and high fiber content, will help cleanse your system and boost your vitality. All of those chemicals in the processed foods that we eat so often have been shown to slow the body down. Give yourself a break from all of that, and you’ll feel how your energy returns.

Another important component of any detoxification program that cannot be ignored is the mind-body connection. When a person is under stress, burnt out, emotionally drained, they feel sluggish and have no energy. Pamper yourself emotionally as well as nutritionally to regain your strength. Take a nice hot bath, turn on soothing music, enjoy a good novel or perhaps even splurge on a weekend vacation or a trip to the spa. Do some deep breathing exercises, or perhaps some yoga or a nice refreshing swim? Cleanse your soul and your spirit and feel your energy levels rise.

The main idea behind this program is to rid yourself of those elements that are weighing you down, both physically and emotionally. Getting rid of the junk will enable you to feel better, enjoy increased energy levels and a better mood. A complete body cleansing program will also provide you with the very best cleanse for weight loss. Treat yourself to a good, solid body detoxification program – after all, don’t you deserve the best?

By Dan K. Barry  

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